Synergy, design and letting it all come together

Logo created by Two Roads Communications

Two Roads Communications completed a project with Woodward Homes, putting together their website and designing a logo for their growing business. I was excited about the opportunity to work on this project because it meant I would be looking through photos of beautiful homes and working with a vibrant young couple building their business while also building their family.

As I always do, I met with the owners first to talk about what they wanted to include in their website functionally and then what they wanted out of their website in terms of telling their brand story. We went through a branding questionnaire I do with all my clients and got to uncover the story of why they began their business — because it combined the best of both of the husband and wife team’s professional talents while it also gave them the flexibility they needed as young parents.

We were able to document their story and how they came to this spot in their road on their “Our Story” page:

“Woodward Homes is a family business in every sense of the word. Founded by husband and wife team, Mike and Elizabeth Jakubowski, the business grew out of their areas of expertise in high-end residential construction and design. They have a combined 26 years of experience working on projects from small kitchen remodels to multi-million dollar homes. Mike started taking construction classes in high school and loved the creativity of working with his hands. He was instantly hooked and has worked in construction ever since. After growing up watching her parents design and build their own home, Elizabeth realized her love of residential design. And it is in each other that Elizabeth and Mike were able to develop their passion in home design even further. They work in concert with one another providing a seamless range of services. They also love to include their little guy for meetings and some home visits, truly rounding out the family feel of working with Woodward Homes. 

After living in Charleston, SC for 14 years, Mike and Elizabeth moved to Nashville in 2016. They were drawn to Nashville by its economy, vitality and creative culture. Once in Middle Tennessee, the family grew with the addition of their son. A few months before his birth in 2017, they expanded their family to also include Woodward Homes.”

It reminded me so much of working for The Tennessean early in my career, where my husband also worked. We were also fortunate enough to be given the flexibility we needed to start a family and keep our careers going. I am so excited for Mike and Elizabeth as they begin their journey.

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