Designers see artwork in every doorbell

No detail is too small to be artful, including your doorbell.

Timber Bronze 53® views its work that way. The hardware design company creates hand-crafted bronze knobs, pulls, handles, and, yes, doorbells that capture the vast beauty of the Pacific Northwest in a time-honored process blending art with function. But what makes Timber Bronze® unique is not only its ability to create one-of-a-kind pieces for customers but its desire to work with customers to create collaboratively and its hand-crafted, manual process. Timber Bronze® sees every drawer pull and cabinet knob as an opportunity to display art.

The Timber Bronze® process is different from what many call “oil rubbed bronze,” which in fact has no oil, rubbing, or probably even bronze in most cases. Timber Bronze® handcrafts a line of solid bronze products that have a dark, almost black appearance with soft coppery highlights showing through on detail such as cone petals and other high areas. Designers suggest Timber Bronze® pieces when customers need hardware that will work well with their “oil rubbed bronze” faucets, hinges, etc.

Timber Bronze® aims to reuse, repurpose and restore as much raw materials as possible during its process. They work to preserve the beauty of nature through their hand-crafted bronze pieces that capture the spirit and joy of nature from a tiny pine cone to a slight twig to the whimsy of a pig. Hand-crafted for Timber Bronze means pieces are manually produced by artisans using their hands and various small electrical and air tools and devices – as opposed to products made on production lines using large machines.

Where some hardware designers work behind the scenes, owners Garrett and Beth Lowe seek out one-on-one interaction with clients on both big and small orders to make sure the finished product is exactly what the client envisions and dreams of. They also pride themselves on the flexibility to make changes during the design process. Beth is a fifth-generation resident of Wallowa, Oregon. The brand name Timber Bronze 53® comes from the cattle brand used by her father and has been passed on to her to “reuse and repurpose.”

Timber Bronze® thinks the beauty found in Oregon reflects the beauty across the country from Miami to northern Maine or deep into the heart of Texas. Quality, customer service, warmth, responsiveness, innovative – words that describe the company, its product and the experience of working with Timber Bronze®.   You can reach Timber Bronze at (541) 263-2800 or contact Two Roads Communications.

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